• Stuart Watkinson

Committee Quest Podcast, what is it?

I have devised a serious and compelling narrative designed to capture the audience, build suspense, and...

Well, none of that matters. My players like laughing and watching films. So, most of what I have planned will be secondary to their antics. And quite honestly, that’s fine. We’re going to be telling an improvised fantasy tale using the Dungeons & Dragons rule set to help us.

We started playing Dungeons & Dragons a few years ago. We played online as I had moved to a different town. Before I moved away we would catch up regularly to watch old #films (ideally bad films), talk #gaming and world events (always solving the problems of the world). Moving away made that difficult. Playing online was a great way to catch up and have a laugh, and laugh we did. Our love for retro films, video games, and music seeped into everything we did . We liked it. We liked it a lot.

So, we decided to share it with you.

Our logo, designed by Aran Brazil.

As I prepared for this campaign I found myself constantly in contact with other #DM’s on various forums and groups. There are a lot of them out there. A lot. And they are making some great content. I figured, why make everything myself? I have created the world, the towns, the story I want to share some of that with you. A majority of the episodes will feature #adventures or other content created by these DM’s. That content will be shared and reviewed through the podcast and this page.

And we like #synthwave.

Therefore, there will be a bunch of that too. A number of artists have expressed an interest in letting us use their music in our podcast and we are extremely grateful for that. We’ll be using them to create a fantastic and engaging aesthetic. As well as sharing these fantastic tracks with you all.

After all that, what are we? We are a bunch #nerds that like to play D&D, listen to synth, and make references to films and video games. We’re going to share all of that with you, and we hope you enjoy it!


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